It seems that for messaging, social media, and photo sharing apps, the standard they’re trying to emulate is what Snapchat has been doing for the past year or so. We’ve seen Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and several other apps add some features that have made people compare it to the previously ephemeral photo and video sharing message app. Now the latest one to add similar features is WhatsApp, which is of course, also owned by Facebook. We’re seeing a pattern here right?

Anyway, the latest update to the messaging app lets users customize the photos and videos that they take by adding stickers, emojis, and letting you draw (or scribble) on them. You will also be able to add text to it and you can even change the color and font style, in case you’re feeling creative but not too confident about your drawing/handwriting skills. Once you take a picture or video, you’ll now see a new editing tool where you can do all of that. Hopefully, it can also apply to pictures/videos that are already in your gallery.

Another update is that you now have a flash in your front-facing camera so those selfies you’re taking will not look that scary or grainy since it will brighten up the screen giving you better quality photos. When you’re recording a video, you can now zoom in and out easily just by sliding your finger up and down. You can also now switch between the front and rear cameras by double tapping the screen.

The update will be rolling out to Android smartphone users starting today. Let’s see if this will catch on to WhatsApp users or maybe people are already getting tired of all these Snapchat-like features.


SOURCE: WhatsApp