All things beta eventually comes to those who wait. Well, almost. Two features that were previously available for WhatsApp beta users has now been made available to all of its millions, oh sorry, a billion users. The latest update brings two features that will not change your life, but will make your chats more fun of course. You will now be able to stream videos even while they’re still downloading and you will also now be able to see those animated GIFs that you’ve always wanted to send and receive.

When someone sends you a video through WhatsApp, normally, you’d have to wait for it to finish downloading so you can view it. But now, you can watch it as it streams, although it still will download to the device even while you’re watching it. This feature will be useful for those who have opted for the manual downloading of videos, either through WiFi or Cellular Data. Instead of a download button, you’ll now see a play icon, but when you tap play, it will both start playing (depending on your speed) and downloading.

As for the other new feature, you will now be able to enjoy animated GIFs in your chats, making conversations even more fun and creative. You can send GIFs through the attach file button which will then open in the Gallery. Choose the appropriate image that you want to attach and afterwards, WhatsApp will save the GIF into the “Animated GIF” folder in its directory.

You can update your WhatsApp to the latest version so you can enjoy these new features. Expect more treats from the messaging app especially this holiday season.

VIA: Gadgets