Yesterday we talked about a new rumor that was making the rounds suggesting that Google was in talks to purchase the WhatsApp Messenger service. The scuttlebutt suggested that WhatsApp might be a bit of technology Google wass eying for its long rumored unified, cross-platform messenger service dubbed Bable.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard a rumor of a major company in the technology world looking to gobble up WhatsApp. In December of 2012, Facebook wais rumored to be looking to purchase WhatsApp, but that rumor never came true. WhatsApp development lead Neeraj Arora has now stepped up and said that the Google purchase rumors are untrue.

According to Arora, the rumor circulating that Google is looking to purchase WhatsApp isn’t accurate and no talks are ongoing. The developer declined any further comment on rumor. Google eying WhatsApp was an interesting development because folding users of that application into Google Babel would’ve brought along existing Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp supports text messaging, multimedia, and location sharing. Most users of the application pay a subscription fee to use it. There are some Android users in select locations that are able to use an ad supported version of the service at no charge.

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