If you’re the kind of person that always wants to be ahead of everyone when it comes to new features on an app, you’re probably enrolled in a lot of beta versions of your favorite ones. WhatsApp does a lot of updating, but they do it through APKs which can be a bit bothersome at times, if you’re used to just having your apps automatically updated. Well the good news now is that WhatsApp now has a beta version that you can get from the Google Play Store.

Early builds to APKs will now be a thing of the past for early adopters who want the latest “nightly build” of the app before everyone else gets it on a regular update (if the build makes it to the final stage that is). All you have to do is go to the official Google Play Store beta for the WhatsApp app. Choose the “become a tester” button (obviously you want to) and make sure you’re logged in to your Gmail account. Then head back to the GPS and update WhatsApp.

There aren’t any significant changes from the last one to the latest version. The last update brought more than a hundred new emojis, including burritos, which is apparently one of the most requested kinds of emojis. Previous updates also included expanding the group chat limit to 256, removing subscription fees, etc. And of course, reaching the 1 billion active users landmark is always something to be proud off.

So if you’re an avid WhatsApp user who’d like to always be ahead of the pack, then go download the beta version now. You can always leave the program anyways if you feel like you’d rather wait for the official update.