Exciting news for indie mobile browser Dolphin: they’ve just passed the 10 million user mark. Dolphin Browser was one of the first alternative browsers available, and has remained popular even in the face of competition from big guys like Firefox and Opera. To celebrate, they’re sending one lucky Dolphin fan on a free 5-day trip to Disney World, where they’ll naturally be staying at the  Dolphin resort. To enter, you need to download Dolphin and fire off a quick tweet. You can find the contest details on Dolphin’s blog.

To be fair, the 10 million statistic includes combined downloads from the various Android versions and iOS. But considering that Dolphin Browser HD alone has somewhere between 5 and 10 million downloads in the Android Market, I think it’s safe to say that Android is contributing the most to the impressive figure. Dolphin got in a bit of trouble last month after a security hole was found by an XDA-Developers member, but thanks to a quick response, they haven’t lost much face.

Most Android users simply stick with the rather limited built-in browser, but those in the know (that’s you, Android Community reader) realize that there’s a lot more powerful options. Dolphin remains one of the best alternatives out there, and it’s constantly adding new features like bookmark sync and an easy reader mode. Congrats to developer Mobotap – now pardon me, I have to go find my mouse ears.