If you like crowdsourced info, you’re going to love Wezzoo. The popular iOS weather app is now available for Android, bringing all the same functionality from the iOS version. Like we’ve seen with waze, there isn’t much better info regarding real-time situations better than crowdsourcing, and Wezzoo does a great job of it.

Allowing you to report the weather is just the beginning. We can also take pics and post them, giving a better portrayal of what is really going on. Heavy rain can be subjective, but a pic of puddles isn’t. It also allows for users to select the temperature and other weather info, giving a really accurate picture for our… picture.

You can also share the info to social networks, bringing a depth of context we’ve not seen in any other weather app. While we like the fetters for in-app uses, the ability to share it outside of the app is only going to enhance our use. We see this with Yahoo weather now, as users take advantage of the sharing option to let everyone know how miserable they are in the heat, cold, or to gloat about perfect weather.

If you are interested, check it out in the Play Store. We really like the UI, and the iOS version was always on our wishlist for Android. Now that they’ve brought it straight over, we suspect many ill start using it right away. If not, look for others on social media to be sharing their weather!