The catchword for companies these days is “consolidation” – gathering your assets in one place and looking to strengthen your market position. Just mere days after the huge Dell-EMC acquisition comes news of global storage giants Western Digital now set to buy SanDisk, the world’s largest flash memory manufacturers.

The acquisition will see WD purchase SanDisk stocks at USD$86.50 per share. As they say, a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon, we’re talking about real money – and USD$19 billion is about as real as an amount as they come.


WD products are known world-wide, in external and internal hard drives and SSDs for desktop and laptop computers. With the trend of the storage and tech industry moving more and more towards flash memory, we would understand why Western Digital would seek to secure the future of their company by buying into a big piece of the flash memory market.

Both companies are based in California and have been on slightly competing sides. SanDisk was a long-time partner of Toshiba, a direct competitor for WD in storage. The process will go through, and Western Digital says that the agreement should be done by Q3 of 2016.

VIA: SlashGear