A lawmaker from West Virginia named Gary G Howell wants to ban the use of Google Glass and similar products while driving. Howell is a Republican member of the West Virginia Legislature and believes that Google Glass and similar products pose a danger to drivers. He goes so far as to say that a driver using something like Google Glass while driving poses a similar risk, if not more significant risk to drivers than texting and driving.

Howell has proposed legislation that would issue heavy fines against drivers using Google Glass while they drive around the streets and highways in West Virginia. The first offense will cost drivers $100. Each additional offense will add an additional $100 to the original fine. That means a second offense will cost $200, a third offense $300, and so on.

Lawmakers believe that products like Google Glass pose great danger, especially to younger drivers. How will says if his legislation fails to become law, he believes that similar bills would be filed by other legislatures. Not everyone agrees with this legislation. Some believe that products like Google Glass could help reduce driver distraction in a method similar to how some vehicles with heads up displays allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

Odds are even if this legislation becomes law, it will have little effect on most people. Google Glass is expected to be very expensive at launch meaning few people will adopt the tech early on. However, years down the road when wearable computing devices are more common this legislation could impact a number of drivers.

[via SlashGear]