Wells Fargo Card-less Transactions NFC

The “Tap and Pay” idea will soon be more common than ever as Wells Fargo recently made it known to the public that their bank customers can soon start using the NFC features on their debit cards. This function enables cardless ATM transactions because you can use your mobile or wearable device linked to your account to make transactions. About 5,000 ATMs all over the United States are getting the NFC function to allow a faster and more convenient banking.

This progress lets Wells Fargo debit account owners access ATM even if you don’t have your card with you. You have to generate a one-time access code on the Wells Fargo Mobile Banking app which you can use for the ATM-free access.

At the moment, only 40% of the 13,000 Wells Fargo ATMs across the country have Near Field Communication. As for the number of related transactions using the new access code technology, about three million transactions have been made already.

Wells Fargo’s Head of Strategy and Administration for Community Bank said, “The NFC functionality is the second form of card-free access and is an extension of our promise to reach our customers wherever they are and provide value using the mobile option with which they are so comfortable.”

The Wells Fargo Wallet supports Android Pay and Samsung Pay. A cardless transaction can be initiated as long as the ATM has that “contactless symbol”. You will only need to enter your PIN on the machine while holding your NFC-enabled smartphone or smartwatch.

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