The Wellograph watch was originally unveiled back in January during CES. The watch is touted as being “the first wellness watch to wrap fashion, fitness and functionality into one unique device that consumers will love.” And well, the Wellograph is available for pre-orders as of today.

The pre-orders will be available in limited quantities, and there will also be a second color option available. The team behind the Wellograph have said pre-orders are being capped at 10,000 units. Those willing to part with some money will be able to choose between the Silver Satin or Black Chrome models.

For reference, the Black Chrome will be available this “one time only.” Regardless of the color you choose, the watch is priced at $349.99. Perhaps more important though — the feature set, and yes, the Wellograph will be compatible with Android. Users can expect a watch that serves as an activity tracker, running watch and heart rate monitor.

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One goal of the watch was to “track quantity and quality.” The watch will be able to store up to four months worth of data, and has a battery that should be able to last upwards of two weeks. The Android compatibility will come in the form of a companion app. Important to note here — the Wellograph will function independently from the smartphone, and in fact, it was said the app will be used for “expanded analytics.”

In terms of the watch itself, this features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal display. The silver model will offer a stainless steel finish with brown leather strap and the black model will have a polished black stainless exterior with black leather strap. Simply put, it seems the Wellograph is looking to do fitness with some good looks.

SOURCE: Wellograph