This weekend we wanted to find a nice casual game for everyone to enjoy, instead of the action-packed ones we’ve been featuring as of late. While browsing the new Google Play webstore we stumbled on an awesome game called ‘Stay Alight’ with stunning visuals, impressive gameplay, and some excellent artwork. It’s like Angry Birds meets the physics based classic Tank Wars game.

This new game has a lot of promise, some great original artwork, and tons of levels that will keep you busy for the entire weekend. You’ll be playing as Mr. Bulb, who’s fighting microbes trying to take over planet Earth. To be honest though, you’ll be fighting enemies with a simple physics based Angy Birds style.

There is over 60 different levels all with unique and well styled artwork, and the lifelike physics means you’ll need to pay extra attention to your shots. It isn’t quite as casual as Angry Birds, but close. The physics and aiming works like classic Tank Wars games, which I love, so it was an instant hit for me. Here’s what to expect:

• Realistic physics
• Amazing graphics
• Unique settings (micro world)
• Huge number of unique levels
• Superpowers

They offer tons of superpowers to improve your experience. Earthquake is helpful, as is freeze, so use them to your advantage. The game is simply beautiful all around, except for one area, and that is ads and in-app purchases. Between levels the pages can sometimes be slow to load all the graphics. While you wait there’s also in-app ads, as well as in-app purchases like we’ve seen lately on the freemium model.

To be honest the ads got rather annoying quick, and I’d love a paid version without. In the end, all the effort that went into each unique level makes me more than willing to spend a buck or two.

VIA: Play Store