For your gaming this holiday weekend we wanted to find something a little unique, and fun, that you can enjoy for hours and hours. We stumbled across Slydris, a highly entertaining Tetris-like game for iOS. The popular iOS developers RadianGames have begun bringing their awesome titles to Android, and this is their latest one. If you love a good puzzle game, it’s worth checking out.

At one point Slydris was rated the #1 Puzzle game on iOS last year, so it certainly sounded promising. It will run you $1.99, but after hours of gameplay the past few days we feel it’s worth the quick pennies. The last few weeks we’ve features explosive action games, so this week wanted something a little more casual.

Slydris is a tetris-like puzzler, that will have you thinking and taking your time instead of trying to beat the clock with falling bricks. The touch controls were the best aspect, aside from pretty nice and simple graphics, and makes the entire game just easy to play and enjoy. For a quick look at gameplay, and to see their title work on old small Android smartphones, all the way to 1080p HD tablets take a peek below.

As you see above Slydris offers a tetris-like experience where the user can slide to maneuver the tiles on the bottom of the display. You can slide them around to create combos, drop em when ready, and get bonus points and more. It’s a casual puzzle game, that’s for sure. There’s tons of specials and levels ups, three different game modes, and they even offer a dark background theme to preserve battery if you’d like.

Again, Slydris will run you $1.99 and it’s available from the link below. If you’ve been looking for a good puzzle game on Android, give it a try today.

VIA: Play Store