The extremely popular and visually stunning arcade style shoot’em up title Sine Mora has finally arrived on Android. While searching for a good game for you all to enjoy this weekend we came across this title thanks to AndroidPolice, which is readily available on most platforms, including the PC, and knew it would be worth mentioning for you mobile gamers. For more details, pictures, and a quick video check it out below.

Sine Mora is basically a 3D style shoot’em up style game, and it has quite the following on PC, Xbox live, and even PS3, and we’re happy to see it arrive on Android. It has some pretty great graphics for a mobile game too. We can’t fully call it 3D, as it’s technically a horizontal side-shooter, but the stunning 3D graphics are enough to let it qualify. It seriously looks gorgeous, especially on a 1080p device.

You’ll be enjoying 7 beautiful stages or levels all taking place in space, where you’ll have to do the usual “spray & pray” hold your finger on the trigger method along with time extensions to keep the gaming alive. You’ll have to shoot your way through tons of enemies, and do so quickly. Without talking much, take a peek at their video trailer.

Now don’t get too excited, as this game runs you $5.99 on the Play Store. It’s a big price to pay, but the game and graphics are awesome, and it will provide hours of fun. Whether you’re enjoying the story mode, or the casual arcade action. There’s over 50 weapon combos, tons of upgrades and additions to make gaming even better, and they even offer a wide array of control options. Sadly there doesn’t appear to be controller support, nor does it work with NVIDIA SHIELD, but they’ve added multiple control schemes and surely one will work for you.

Between having awesome graphics, great gameplay and shoot’em up style mechanics, and tons of options with a detailed storyline, you’ll see why they’re asking $5.99 for the title. It’s certainly worth it, so grab it from the link below.

VIA: Google Play