Following up the success and launch of the first Prince of Persia game for Android, this week Ubisoft revealed the next step in their classic gaming franchise mobile reboot. Bringing their legendary action-platformer style game to our smartphones and tablets yet again. For those POP fans you’ll want to take a peek at the new Shadow & the Flame release.

POP Shadow & the Flame isn’t just your average platform game either. They’ve added certain elements of exploration into the title, making it even more excited than the original. While it’s very similar to the classic, everything has been improved for our mobile devices. The graphics and visuals received a nice overhaul, and the controls are quite nice with an array of swipes and gestures.

In the Shadow & the Flame the price must “embark on an epic journey in search of his past that will redefine his future!” And you’ll be doing so with an exciting single player mode that follows the original story. You’ll enjoy 14 levels full of 3D mobile graphics, and 5 different environments. Here’s what to expect.

There’s multiple different enemies and tactical combat modes to try, and of course all the controls have been completely redesigned as mentioned above. They do offer a virtual joystick option, but after a few minutes we quickly went back to the swipes and gestures we’re so familiar with on a mobile device.

Of course we have Facebook integration with leaderboards and such, for those interested, and the game appears to be compatible with almost all Android devices. Give the brand new game for Android a try from the link below. Enjoy!

SOURCE: Play Store