Do you feel like other people are trying to read your group messages? Do you find it hard to look for past messages by scrolling through them? Do you want to understand what your French friend was saying but you’re too lazy to Google Translate? All of these messaging dilemmas might be solved with the update to the WeChat app for Android.

With the amount of messages most people receive on one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, it’s a pain to scroll through them looking for a particular message. To improve more on the search function of the app, you can now add tags to your messages. You can categorise them by putting tags like food, work, personal, sports, etc. You can also now select several messages at once in order to favourite them and go back through important messages when you want to re-read them.

For privacy issues, you can protect your chats with the new “Groups With Password” feature. It will issue a four-digit code for selected group chat participants so that even if someone else used borrowed your phone, they won’t be able to access your WeChat group messages. Very handy especially if the one using your phone is the subject of one of your group chats.

But probably the coolest new feature in this update to 5.3 is the addition of a translate message function, for those moments when Google Translate is too many clicks away for you. Just simply long press the message and a {hopefully correct) English translation of it will appear. Now only if there was also a feature to translate hard-to-decipher or passive aggressive messages.

SOURCE: Google Play Store


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