If you are the sort that downloads apps for alternative markets for your Android device, security firm Webroot has a warning for you. According to the company, there is a new network of convincing fake app stores that are pushing rogue apps with trojans inside. So far, most of the websites in the network that have been found are in Russian language.

Webroot has dubbed the trojans Android.SMS.FakeInst and there are a few versions of the trojan apparently. The end goal of all the versions is the same though, to trick the user into sending premium rate text messages. Apparently, the network allows the user to download an app and then tells the user they have to agree to the terms including “up to 3” premium messages as payment.

The terms are agreeing to the premium rate text messages. All of the sites found in the network so far share the same hallmarks with reviews of devices, app screen shots, FAQ pages, and QR codes for apps. The images of the apps and descriptions are apparently taken from the Android Market. The apps being offered are typically either outright fakes or apps that are free on the Android Market.

[via ZDnet]