The number of threats for smartphone users with Android operating systems on their device is always growing. The best way to protect your device and the data you have is to install some sort of security software. Webroot recently unveiled a new security app for Android users.

The new app is called Webroot Mobile Security for Android. The app is available on a yearly subscription at $14.99 per year and protects you against malware, insecure apps, and dangerous websites. You can also use the app to block people from calling you if you don’t want to talk to them.

It offers on demand scanning and real-time protection and it has a few features that you might not find on other apps. It will check the android device for settings that might make it less secure and it checks website reputations to protect you. The app will also allow you to lock your phone and report its position if it is lost or stolen.

[via PCMag]