Webmaker Beta

Back in the day when the World Wide Web aka the Internets were just starting, building a website was a huge challenge. Codes may not be complicated yet but since only a few people knew web design and development, creating one would take time. You need experts to make one for you and understanding the simplest HTML code was a pain. Well, that was more than a decade ago. In this day and age, anyone, young and old alike, could easily make a webpage, thanks to numerous web tools and mobile apps.

You don’t need to learn Dreamweaver, Photoshop, or WordPress management. You just need this Webmaker Beta app from Mozilla. Yes, this program is from the Firefox champions so we know even if it’s still in beta, the Mozilla Webmaker can turn ordinary users into web makers.

The Webmaker app lets you create original content. Feel free to add photo galleries, create scrapbooks, add memes or comic strips, and write witty captions with the Webmaker Beta. You can tell your story in a simpler, easier, and more intuitive way using this free and open-source program. You don’t need an IT degree to make your own website because the app makes it easy for you.

You can also discover more original content from around the world. Share the things you love and are interested in with family and friends or just about anyone. The app and content are built by users like you so they are something that you will easily understand and use.

Download Webmaker Beta from the Google Play Store