Web Browser for Android TV

Android TV is one platform that has yet to be the standard in smart TVs but it’s exciting to think about the future of television. TV-watching (couch potatoing?)  has changed in the past decade, thanks to the introduction of the Internet, mobile apps, and the more hi-tech TV models. There are only a few Android TV devices in the market but the platform is what makes them more attractive to use. Apps are still limited though. You’d think a web browser would be easy to develop since Google already has Chrome but there’s no official web browser app yet.

You can sideload the APK of Chrome but a game controller or remote control won’t properly respond to it. What you’ll need is a mouse to navigate the app. Good thing there’s the Web Browser for Android TV. It’s not an official app developed by Google but it actually works exactly as the name describes.

Web Browser for Android TV a

Web Browser for Android TV isn’t Chrome. It works as a real web browser that can load full desktop and mobile websites. It also allows video streaming, HTML5 full screen videos, and saving of web pages. Almost anything you can do with a Chrome browser, you can do so with this Web Browser for Android TV, except for auto-synching with Chrome. App finally works with an Android TV remote app, a game controller, or an ordinary remote control.

Download Web Browser for Android TV from the Google Play Store