If you’re one of those people who constantly needs to know what the weather is like outside (well, if you don’t have a window and you just can’t look outside), then weather apps are probably your best friends. But if you want a more visual and a prettier way of finding out, then the Weatherback Weather Wallpaper is your guy, or rather, your app. Not only does it show you through visuals what is the condition outside, it also makes your device wallpaper more interesting than it usually is.

This doesn’t mean that your wallpaper will always look like the sun or the rain or the clouds. The app actually mixes with your static wallpaper of choice and then gives it a “weathery” effect, whether it’s sunlight, raindrops, etc. And if the weather outside suddenly changes, your wallpaper effects will change with it. So if where you are has kind of a schizophrenic weather, then your smartphone will go schizo on you too, wallpaper-wise.

But if you want to customize the weather effects that will appear on your wallpaper, you can do so too. And if for some reason you just want random ones, then you can do so too. If you’re worried about battery life, since it does use a bit of animation, the developer assures you that it will have just a minimal effect on it.

You can download Weatherback Weather Wallpaper from the Google Play Store for free. The free effects included are Sunny, Cloudy , Light Rain, Dust, and Dark. There is also a paid “unlocker” version that has customizable Rain, customizable All Stars, Fog, Ice, Snow, and Thunder. The paid version will cost you $1.99.