The virtual reality gaming experience may still be in its early stages but a lot of companies and startups are trying to enter the game. We’ve seen several VR headsets already from Google, Samsung, HTC, Merge Labs, and LG. Other headsets have yet to become a reality and I’m sure they will be joined by more concepts and Kickstarter projects like this one from the Wearality team.

Wearality Sky is said to bring limitless virtual reality experience. Well, it’s not a real product yet but the developers are hoping to raise $100,000 to finally bring the project into production. With only two days to go before the deadline, the amount goal is already reached with 992 people backing the project. Looks like a lot of people believe in the idea of a new pair of 3D glass for your smartphone.

Wearality Sky or simply the Sky boasts of a 150-degree FOV, thanks to impressive VR optics for headsets for a limitless view. The designers believe this could be the next level of virtual reality wearable technology because of the optics and lenses they used. Instead of using standard spherical magnifying lenses in other VR headsets, the Sky uses a set of double Fresnel lenses that can change how one sees on the screen. You won’t find any central divider here and the lenses automatically calibrate your view. The result? You can only see half of the screen through each eye, edges of the screen are not seen. An enclosure may prevent light from bleeding through the edges but Wearality’s enclosure already features a hat and optional blinders to block the light.

This VR is also collapsible so it’s really portable. The no enclosure design now allows for physical interaction with the screen and simulation sickness is reduced because of a fixed point reference. The Wearality SKY is also very accessible and works with most VR development tools available. It can also play ordinary 2D and 3D movies so you can have a new and better movie experience.

Check out the Wearality SKY’s Kickstarter page for more details or if you’re interested to become a backer.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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