Wear OS by Google 2021 Features

Aside from Android 12, the Wear OS is also being updated. Google has recently announced the newest upgrade to Wear and its partnership with Samsung. If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, you will be happy to know you can use Wear OS by Google instead of Tizen. We mentioned this earlier today and we’re learning more about the features and advantages of having the new version of the wearable OS, as well as, what new things the Google wearable apps can offer.

Samsung and Google have always had a good relationship. It’s strengthened further with this unified platform. This brings a new wearable experience for the consumers who depend on their smartwatches for information when they really need it. It’s not just Wear OS because it also includes Tizen. The two have been combined to come up with a unified platform that is faster and more efficient.

The unified platform offers longer battery life and faster device performance. Apps are faster now as made possible by some tweaks and the new chipsets available. Expect motion and animations will render more smoothly. Several optimizations have been made as well on sleep tracking and heart rate sensor.

Note that these new features and improvements are not only for Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones. Other devices that run on Wear OS can also take advantage of the changes. Device makers can also consider the customized user experience as they design new smartwatches.

New shortcuts to important features and functions have been added so you can easily access them. The goal always is faster navigation, more customization, and quick actions. For some of the frequently used apps like the Google Assistant, Google Pay, or Google Maps, they have been improved for the wearable users. In the near feature, you can expect YouTube Music will be ready on your wrist.

Fitbit has come to Wear OS. Fitbit features are available on the platform including health progress tracking. More and better apps will be available. A watch face design editor and Tiles API will be ready too.