The Google Assistant has been a useful and smart feature of may Android-powered devices. It was introduced over six years ago and it has since received numerous updates. The feature is already integrated with many devices and other services. We agree it’s the most accurate among voice assistants. Its closest rival is Alexa perhaps but Google originally meant for it to rival Siri. Some of Google Assistant’s latest updates include reviewing of Assistant actions and apps, and tell stories from 3rd-party partners.

The smart assistant has hit Android Wear last year but with some limitations. If you trust your smartwatch for quick tasks, you can make things even easier by simply “talking” to your wrist. Well, it sounds crazy but voicing out commands is way easier. Another update delivers more convenience like letting you continue a conversation with smart suggestions. Your watch will show suggestions related to your recent request or question.

Answers to queries can soon be heard. Some people may prefer it over reading messages because it’s easier and consumes less time. You can do more just by asking and hearing straight from your smartwatch without having to type on the screen or read from the small display.

With the more than one million Actions available, you can do a lot with the Google Assistant from your smartwatch, smartphone, or smart home device. These Actions are now ready on all Wear OS by Google devices so you can do more wherever you are.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)


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