For those using smartwatches running on Wear OS, Tiles have probably become an important feature in your wearable experience. These widgets help you access the things on your device that you often use or need. While you can manage them directly from your watch, it would be nice to have a more convenient way to do so. Google wants to help you with that as the latest update to the Wear OS brings a Tiles Manager that you can use on your smartphone.

Because you have limited real estate on your smartwatch, you’d want to have the apps that you use a lot be more accessible. You can add tiles like your Google Fit Goals or the Next event on your Google Calendar or Headlines from Google News. There are a lot of different tiles to choose from but managing can be easier if you could do it from your smartphone.

If you got the latest update to Wear OS, you’ll now get the Tiles Manager either from your smartwatch or your connected smartphone. 9 to 5 Google actually spotted the strings of Tiles on the Wear OS app a few months ago and they believe this new tiles manager is the result of the strings.

You’ll be able to add and deleting tiles and even arrange them sequentially from the manager. Again, you can choose to just do them on your smartwatch directly if you don’t mind the small screen to manage the tiles. But if you want an easier time of it, do it on your smartphone and it will be directly synced to your wearable.

The update has started rolling out to users as noted by Reddit folks but the reality is that some Wear OS users actually don’t have Tiles just yet. So before you get they update with the Tiles manager you probably need the update with the Tiles first.