Android Wear OS Update 2018

The month of September ended with Google releasing an update for Wear OS. While we’re waiting for more Wear OS smartwatches, the tech giant has rolled out a new version of the wearable OS. This is all we have to almost getting a new Pixel Watch. We’re not expecting a new Pixel smartwatch, just the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing from the company. Google has just released Wear OS updates for Android devices that run the platform.

Most of these Android devices are smartwatches although some compatible Android phones may also receive related updates. Mainly, these updates make any Wear OS watch more proactive and more personalized.

For the health and fitness-conscious, the new Wear OS brings several Google Fit features and more. The smartwatch OS can provide tips to the user without any setup or input. Out of the box, Wear OS will offer tips to help you become healthy.

If you use your smartwatch to receive notifications, a new notifications system is available that brings browsing, dismissing, and shortcuts. You can swipe up to see all notifications and then down to get shortcuts. Pre-written replies can also be prepared so you can send a response with a few taps.

Google Assistant on Wear OS helps you remember different information including weather, evens, or schedule. It will remind you something must be done or expected.

For those who love to travel, there’s also trip assistant with the Google Assistant. It will remind you of your flight status, hotel reservations, or any activity in your Google Calendar. If you’re looking for new restaurants, the Google Assistant can also give suggestions.

Wear OS device owners can get the update by going to Settings> Inside Settings> System> About> System Updates>. See if the update is available then download.

VIA: SlashGear