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Google is set to release the new Pixel Watch. There is no official launch date but we are expecting at least in the first quarter of 2022. While waiting for the tech giant’s first ever smartwatch, we can check out the Wear OS platform and see what wearable apps are useful. Wear OS is also getting an update. A new beta build is ready before the stable version is released. And now, a new Wear OS app is available to download from the Google Play Store.

The Wear OS app is more of a smartphone control app. It’s still the beta version but the developers have been saying it’s almost ready for a wider release. There will be bugs and errors but they should be minor only.

When you access the app, you need to login using your watch. You can also use a compatible phone to access the App Configuration to login. Set up or get your entities as needed. A Favorites section will help when it comes to easy access so make sure you customize this part according to your preference.

The Wear OS app also gets initial support for sensors. The app will do the job for you like register the battery sensor in the Home Assistant server and wait for network connection especially when updating. If you want the wearable experience to be always updated, update both your smartwatch and smartphone.


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