As brilliant as Da Vinci was, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had invented a 16th century Android. These designs below could only help support this idea, but unfortunately this is not true. There’s something about that cute Android mascot that makes everyone love it, as we have seen with the roaming Android mascots in the down under and the Android toys in South Korea.

We all love some merchandise with a cool logo on it, and the guys at iSteam keep on pushing out new t-shirt designs. Their newest one, the Da Vinci break down of the Android Mascot, looks to sell out big like the iPhone Da Vinci. This design will also be available in poster form for $19 like the shirt. They also have some other really cool designs such as the Andy vs. Apple and Unstoppable Andy. They have a pretty cool gig going on and I know I will defintely end up purchasing a few shirts including this Da Vinci shirt. Check out the link below for all the details.

Via [iSteam]