An app called Weak Control has hit Google Play in version 1.0 for Android devices running Android 4.4.x or higher. The app works for both tablets and smartphones and requires root permissions. The point of the app is to allow users to control their smartphone or tablet from a Chrome browser using a mouse and keyboard.

With the app, installed users will be able to stream full HD movies in real time, play games, and text. The app uses Chrome H.264 decoding capability to use less CPU power on the client devices. That means that just about any computing device including PCs, MacBooks, or Chromebooks can be used to control the smartphone.

In addition to being able to watch movies over the chrome browser, users can also use Weak control to Play games, chat with friends, and write using the keyboard. The app is 162k in size and is on Google Play right now.

Required permissions for the app include Superuser, Internet, WiFi state, Record audio, and license check. This sounds like an interesting way to control your smartphone or tablet from a computer.

SOURCE: Google Play