When it comes to storing data and files on the cloud, there are many people out there that store sensitive data that worry about the security of their data on a cloud system run at a location outside their control. If you are this sort of person that wants a cloud storage network, but wants control over the physical place the data lives Western Digital (WD) has the product for you. The company has been offering the My Book Live storage device for a while now.

WD now has a pair of new apps that are available for Android and for the iPhone. The apps allow the user access to the data while on the go right on their own storage drive at home or in the office. The system has some of the benefits of private and public cloud services. The apps are WD 2go and WD 2go Pro. Both apps offer remote access to data on the storage drive.

The main difference is that the Pro version of the app also allows the private sharing of files with other people. The app allows sharing of anything from documents to photos and video. The WD 2go app is available free on the Android Market with the Pro version costing $2.99 to download. The storage drive needed sells for up to $249.99.