While you’re probably used to just using Waze as your navigational app, this new UI redesign wants you to also use it as a mood meter? Colors are brighter, driver moods are front and center, and everything just seems to want to grab your attention but hopefully not distract you as you drive. The redesign also builds on this thing called Moods which are cute icons/avatars that will represent, well, your mood while you’re driving. The new Waze seems way too lively compared to its more staid cousin Google Maps.

Aside from the brighter colors, the new major thing in this visual redesign is that you have these things called moods which lets drivers represent what they’re currently feeling while driving. Previously, you had icons to represent the vehicles but now they represent you. There’s a whole new icon pack to be launched to represent different moods like grumpy, sad, sleepy, happy, etc. basically representing a whole gamut of emotions.

The first set to be launched is made up of 30 icons. If your mood changes while driving, you can change it anytime, just make sure to keep your eyes on the road. Jake Shaw, Head of Creatives at Waze says that these are visual reminders that we’re all out there, “working together.” What’s unclear though is if other drivers on the road will also see what your mood is. It would be interesting to see what the collective moods are at certain times of the day or at certain places.

Aside from the enhanced colors and moods, you also get a new block-by-block system interface, updated reporting icons, new logos and typeface, and several other new visualizations. Waze has always been more of a utilitarian app despite its cute-sy aesthetic. You wouldn’t really peg as something more social so it may seem weird at first but Shaw said they want users to feel like a part of the community.

The visual redesign of Waze has already rolled out to some users. The more you use the app, the more moods you’ll be able to unlock.