There has been plenty of chatter dealing with a possible acquisition of Waze. We have heard a few possible company names being thrown around, one of which is Facebook. And while this latest bit of Waze news isn’t dealing with an acquisition by Facebook, we are seeing news that involves Facebook. Basically, Waze v3.7 has been released and part of the update includes integration with Facebook Events.

Moving forward, Waze users will begin seeing their Facebook Events in the navigation menu. The listing will appear in Waze 48 hours before the event and they will be found by heading to the Navigate section in the main menu. For those new to Waze, this is where you will have your Home and Work locations set. Not to mention, the list of places that you have previously travelled to using Waze. A single tap of the Facebook event in the Navigate menu will be enough to get you on your way.

That is not where the connection stops though. In addition to providing easy access to directions, you will also be shown which of your Facebook friends are on their way. The Waze app will show your friends using their Facebook image and the app also marks the first person to arrive. Additionally, if the person who created the Facebook event took the lazy approach and didn’t include a full address, you can add that using the Waze app.

The one catch here, you will need to make sure your Facebook account is connected to Waze. Otherwise, Waze v3.7 also brings other goodies to include a three-state mute button in the main menu and the ability to checkin using Foursquare from the report menu. There was also support added for the JVC App Link Mode and other unspecified fixes. A remove button has been added to the history section.

Lastly, the Waze update also touched on local offers and road alerts. In this case it was said that road-alert pop-ups and local offers are now “sleeker” and will take up less room on the screen. The ads are said to have been optimized to display what is ahead on the route while “remaining as relevant as possible.” These alerts can also be moved out of the way with nothing more than a siple swipe.

SOURCE: Business Wire, Google Play Store