Waze is perhaps one the most popular and widely used traffic and navigation app. This one is a community-based app so it depends on the users, drivers, and riders for information. It aims to help everyone on the road by providing the fastest and most convenient route to a destination. The app just received an important update that gives users the ability to look for new places by categories.

With the updated Waze, you can search by categories whether malls, restaurants, hotel, or parking among others. You don’t have to specify the area but you can search for these stores or establishments. No need to type the exact names either because the search feature easily shows suggestions or the most common shops.

The new Waze also now includes voice search. Just say the street or location in the language of the country you are in. Even if your app is set in a different language, Waze can still understand what you are searching for.

When you type a place in the search box, you can now see the distance to another location with the new auto complete distance feature. As with many other updates, this one brings a number of improvements and minor big fixes to the navigation app.

Download Waze from the Google Play Store


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