There might not be as many cars and people on the road now but life goes on for those who are going to work, doing business, etc. Waze has taken this time to update its navigation app and bring better and smarter tools for its users. The latest update brings improved trip suggestions, better traffic and ETA information, and for Amazon Music fans, integration with the music streaming service. This comes on the heels of a save-to-app feature for Waze Live Map and the addition for a limited time only a Batman or Riddler voice in the voice guidance.

Waze Trip Suggestions is based on previous trips that you make frequently. So if you go to the office every day, it will prompt you by giving you traffic conditions and ETA so you can get there on time. Traffic Notifications will also give you a heads up if there’s construction or congestion on your route so you can either leave earlier so you won’t be late or you wait it out first. These improvements will work on both regular destinations and one-off trips as long as you plan them on the Waze app.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) computations are also being improved, calculations-wise. This means you’ll get a more accurate prediction even if there are less people on the road. The Quick Search part of the app also has some improvements as now location badges for things like drive-through, curbside pickup, etc. They also indicate now social distancing efforts whenever applicable. Oh and Amazon Music now joins Spotify and other music apps with Waze integration.

Previously, Waze announced that their Live Map can now support save-to-app actions so moving your trip details from your desktop or laptop to your mobile device or in-car system is now seamless. Lane guidance has also been recently added so it gives you more information on which lane you have to take when merging or exiting a major thoroughfare. And since this month we’ll be celebrating all things Caped Crusader, you can get either Batman or Riddler to tell you where to go.

Waze Trip Suggestions and Traffic Notifications will start appearing for users this October. ETA calculations and quick search are now available while lane guidance is rolling out already. The Batman theme and voice navigation will be available until October while Amazon Music integration will be out in the coming months.


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