If you’re a developer and you’ve always wished that you could incorporate something like Waze into your app or program or service, then Santa is giving you a belated Christmas present. The popular navigation app just announced that they are releasing a Waze Transport software development kit (SDK) so that their partners can easily implement the features that have made them indispensable to those traveling every day. In fact, a first set of partners have already used the Waze SDK including Lyft and Genesis Pulse.

For businesses and apps that need some of the most useful features of Waze to enhance their services, developers will now be able to access ETA, turn-by-turn navigation, and preferred routing. So instead of users having to switch between apps, you now have these features built-in to your service through the SDK. Among the first apps to incorporate this are the following: Lyft, Genesis Pulse, JustPark, Cornershop, Cabify and 99Taxis.

Waze says that this new development is a win not just for them, but for the partners, users, and the whole Waze community as well. For partners, this is a chance to grow their business and to come up with more features that can improve their service. For users, the extra step of having to switch back and forth between two (or more) apps has been removed. And for the Waze community, since they are reliant on crowdsourced information, this means more “professionals” will be using the service, and so the quality of data will also improve.

The SDK is available to any partner that has Waze operating in their country. They are open to all kinds of partners, including food delivery, valet parking, and other services that would need its navigation prowess.