If you’ve listened to your navigation app’s turn-by-turn audio and said to yourself, “It would be so much better if I were the one speaking using my Valley Girl or Mafia voice”, then your wish can now come true. Waze isn’t just satisfied with letting celebrities like Morgan Freeman or recently, Mr. T, guide you as you navigate around a familiar or unfamiliar area. Now it will let you record your own voice or someone else’s voice and it will be your own personal guide as you drive or go to wherever you need to go.

The feature is simply called the Waze voice recorder, but instead of just recording random thoughts that you have (if you’re that kind of person), this one will let you record yourself or someone else and then use that as your app’s default turn-by-turn navigation audio. Go to the search button, then tap on the settings gear, then go to “Sound & voice” and you’ll see a new voice recorder option.

Once you turn it on, you will have to record yourself saying around 39 standard generic Waze phrases like “All set let’s go!” to “Keep left” or “Turn right”, and up to “You’ve arrived.” You can use whatever voice you want, whether it’s your normal voice or you trying to imitate your favorite character. The only requirement is that you speak and enunciate clearly. So sorry, no baby talk recording for you.

While there is of course potential for pranks and practical jokes here, let’s just assume for now that people will use this feature properly. Also, you can’t share the voice recordings just yet so your personal turn-by-turn navigation will only be in your Waze account. You can update your app through its Google Play page.