Waze is bringing Christmas early to its users as they say that three of the most requested features are now coming to the app as they will help you navigate your way through the holidays. You can now get routes for your motorcycles, use hands-free totally hands-free with the Talk to Waze feature, and it is now the first navigation app to have support for HOV routes. All these new features help make Waze a bit more personal with the type of vehicle that you use and how you want to use the app in general.

If you’re using motorcycles to get to work or do your errands, you can now use Waze to find your way around the city. It uses specialized routing so you can get to your destination faster (and hopefully safer). You also get real-time road updates and alerts and routes that are specifically for the two-wheeled variety. The more you use the motorcycle setting, the better information and smarter routing your fellow motorists will get. Just go to the Waze settings and choose motorcycle in the vehicle type section.

Now you can say “Ok Waze” and you will be able to command the app with the new Talk To Waze feature. You can start navigating, ask for a preview of your route, send reports when there’s a traffic jam or accident, and add a pit stop along the way, without having to touch your smartphone. It’s only available in English-speaking territories like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Lastly, Waze is the first navigation app to feature HOV (high occupancy vehicles) route support. You can get additional navigation options and adjusted arrival times based on the HOV or carpool lanes. Waze can now determine your routes whether you’re riding with one or more passengers, a hybrid, electric or clean-fuel car, with a special pass, or even a combination of all those. Update your Waze app so you can enjoy all these new features.