In case you didn’t know it, your favorite navigation app Waze actually has another app that lets you use your car as a carpooling service. Waze Carpool has been around for almost three years but it’s only available in Israel and San Francisco initially. Now they have rolled out a major update for the app, to version, and now drivers will have more control over who they want to share their ride with. It has also expanded to add a couple more cities in the US.

One of the new features in the updated app is that you don’t get blind matched with both drivers and riders anymore. You’ll be able to see who are the ones going your way and you will be able to choose which ones you want to carpool with. You’ll be able to see detailed profiles, star ratings, connections, and of course the price and distance to your destination. Your top matches will be shown at the top while the other options will still be there too.

You can also now adjust your filters like choosing to ride only with people you work with or choosing drivers that have the same gender. They’ll also be adding more options soon. You can also now send multiple ride or drive requests to increase your chances of getting a ride. You can also easily access your calendar view to see previous scheduled rides as well. Waze also said that more features will be coming to the app soon.

Waze Carpool is probably one of the most affordable ride-sharing services available and is also now available in California and Texas. But you have to remember that it is not a ride hailing app like Uber or Lyft but more like an easier way to share rides with co-workers or people you know who are going the same way too.