No one knows the need for lighthearted fun more than drivers trying to navigate through traffic or driving through unfamiliar territory. That’s why it doesn’t sound so ridiculous that Waze, who specializes in trying to get drivers out of such situations as quick as possible, is bringing users a roster of celebrity voices to keep them company.

The now Google-owned startup has joined forces with Universal studios in order to give users choices for their driving partners. Instead of some boring, generic, computer-generated voice guiding you to your destination, you will soon get to choose one of your favorite celebrity’s voice, or at least someone famous.

First in line is American comedian Kevin Hart, just in time for his upcoming film, appropriately titled “Ride Along”. Users will get to hear Hart’s distinctive voice and light banter directing them to turn this way or that, take some exit, or avoid some rather odd traffic obstacle. Watch the video below to see what’s in store for you when you bring along Kevin Hart for the ride.

You can get this new set of voice commands by going into Waze’s Sound settings and Selecting “English – Ride Along” as the Voice Language. To promote the upcoming film, users will be able to make advanced ticket purchases for Ride Along, showing in theaters next month.

VIA: SlashGear