Space talks aren’t for the weak. We know living in another planet and touring the space is far from becoming a reality. Sure, scientists and research centers are already working on them or trying to find out how to make them possible but so far, we only have ideas and illustrations. One of those people pushing for that industry and reality is Elon Musk– Tesla’s beloved CEO.

Earlier this month, Musk’s SpaceX project saw the Falcon 9 rocket land on a drone ship. Photos have been published all over the web and now we can watch a 360-degree video. This is not just any video. It’s a 360-degree video that will definitely impress you. See how it’s like to stand on a floating platform while the rocket touches down. It’s a one of a kind viewing experience as the rocket is just above you.

Awesome video. Imagine watching this on a VR headset. It will be another amazing virtual reality experience but for now since you are reading this story on a desktop or your mobile phone, you can only enjoy the 360-degree video. Grab that VR headset of yours to for a better viewing experience and if you’re brave enough.

This is just one of the few awesome 360-degree-virtual-reality content you and I can consume these days. Expect more to be developed or released soon.