The Xperia XZ2 is Sony’s latest premium flagship smartphone and so we’re all eyes and ears about it. The phone boasts an all-glass redesign and we’re curious to know if it will survive the rough demands of a person’s standard, everyday usage. The device appears durable but only rough and rugged use will tell us if it can survive. The glass scratch test on a Gorilla Glass 5 screen and the back panel scratches at level 6 which is the average for razor blades, coins, and keys. Deeper grooves are shown at level 7.

The Sony logo you see at the bottom is actually under the surface. It doesn’t scratch. A few scratches on the earpiece, fingerprint scanner, edges, and the back don’t affect the functionality of the phone.

Moving on to the burn test, the IPS LCD screen lasts only 13 seconds under a lighter and produces a black residue which goes away after a few seconds. Bending the phone from the back only flexes the device but doesn’t destroy it. There is zero flex and zero kinks. There are no cracks in the glass even if it’s bent from the screen so we can say it is very durable.

Watch the full video below:

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything


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