The Razer Phone is out. Zack Nelson managed to get one and do a quick a durability test of this so-called ultimate gaming phone. We’re crossing our fingers the results would be better compared to the fate of the Nextbit phone which failed the test last year. For this particular device, we’re expecting it would more durable. The Razer Phone is actually a resurrected Nextbit Robin phone but a more improved version. Of course, Razer won’t describe it “ultimate” if it’s not ready for rough use.

The phone only has a Gorilla Glass 3 display but the Mohs Pick scratches at level 6. That’s normal for most flagship phones released this year. The stereo speakers are hidden by a plastic grille while the front-facing camera is covered by glass. It doesn’t scratch easily and the grille is firmly attached. Unlike the Nextbit that uses plastic, this Razer Phone has a metallic build.

Scratching the fingerprint sensor doesn’t change the function. Scratching the back panel leaves marks and they won’t go away. It is recommended you use a protective phone case. The snake logo thing is placed solidly so it doesn’t come off easily.

Burning doesn’t damage the display as it also recovers after a few seconds. As for the phone’s build, this one survives the bend test unlike the Nextbit Robin which was a catastrophe.

Watch the full Razer Phone Durability Test video below:

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything