You’ve got some time to kill on your lunch break, so why not do something productive? Google’s Project Ara conference is going on now, and they’re live streaming it for everyone to see. The new era of smartphones is wildly interesting, and breathes some fresh air into admittedly tired lungs.

Very new and different in so many ways, Google’s Project Ara promises to unburden us with hardware by giving us more hardware! The modular concept allows for components to be switched out and re-arranged as needed, bringing limitless possibilities. The skeletal frames also come in three sizes, fitting ust about any use case or want we might have.

Like any new concept, it requires a lot of early work from smart people, which is what the conference is about. Developers are receiving their development kits already, so the work of creating hardware and components has begun. Being a fly on the wall is one of the cooler ways to spend a lunch break — or, you know, the rest of the day.

The conference livestream can be found below, or via our source link should you want to keep it bookmarked in YouTube. While Ara (or whatever it ends up being called) may not hit store shelves for some time, it’s a really fun concept we’re all keen on.

Source: YouTube