The WATCH ABC app is available in the Google Play Store and brings the promise of offering a “new way to experience ABC – anytime, anywhere.” The catch here is that statement is followed up with an note about how the live streaming is only available in select markets. Not to mention, those lucky enough to be living in one of those markets will also need to be a cable television subscriber to actually do any watching. That being said, there is another side of the app that should work for more users.

First things first though, the live streaming is available in the following markets; Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham, and San Francisco. Shifting away from the live streaming and into the on-demand category. This should be available for quite a few users. In fact, the on-demand viewing will work for those outside of those six live streaming markets.

Basically, the WATCH ABC app is not going to be something fully loved by the cord cutter crowd. Otherwise, the app also appears limited in the supported devices category. Just to name a few, the app is not compatible with a Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4 Active or Nexus 7. On the flipside, there are reports of the app working wonderfully on the Nexus 10.

Bottom line here, the latest version of the WATCH ABC app is currently available in the Play Store but from what we can see — there are more people that cannot use it than can use it. With that, if you happen to be checking out the app let us know what you are seeing (good or bad) in the comments below. The screenshots make the app look really nice and ABC seems to be all over the app, but without any devices we can actually use it is hard to say.

SOURCE: Google Play Store