‘War of Crown’ is yet another role-playing game that will make true blue gamers craving for more power and yes, the crown ulimately. Your every move in this game is one step closer to your destiny. There’s been a Great War that left the world in a terrible state but you as the hero, are powerful enough to fight off the dark forces that want to do nothing but further destroy the world. The God of Destruction is to blame for all the chaos and hopelessness that the whole mankind is feeling.

Thanks to Arwyn the Hero-King and some of the powerful men like you. As part of the Allied Races, you were able to survive and drive out the dark forces. Sadly, the Hero-King has fallen. It’s up to you now to finish the fight.

You will play as Eshirite the Child of Destiny as the main hero but you can also choose and play other heroes that boast of different skills. Follow the immersive storyline with stunning graphics and enchanting background music.

You can play the game in different modes (PvE or PvP) like Story, Arena, and Adventure among others. This is one strategy game that will really make you think, experience the thrill, and fight using several battle tactics. You just need to try and see which heroes’ equipment, strengths, or elements are more powerful and may help you finish the battle.

Game is free to download but in-app purchases are offered to make progress.

Download War of Crown from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: War of Crown