Ever since Snapchat introduced geofilters, they have become one of the most popular features of the messaging app. They say that over half a million Community Geofilters have been submitted and people have been creative in expressing the personality of each public place represented. But the community has been requesting that they be allowed to create geofilters for their businesses or for their private events. Well, they gave in to that demand, but at a cost of course.

On-Demand Geofilters are the newest feature for Snapchat and you can create and publish your personal or branded geofilters when you’re having a party, a wedding, a book launch at your bookstore, a corporate event at your building, or whatever event you want to personalize when you’re posting on Snapchat. The first thing you have to do is to design it of course on any image editor that you prefer. Be as creative as possible when making your filter, otherwise it may be a waste of time. Snapchat has made some templates that you can use with Photoshop or Illustrator.

Then you pick your geofence, or the boundaries on the map where the geofilter will appear. You also need to set the time and date where it will appear. Then you need to pay for the right to post/use that geofilter, submit it to Snapchat so they can make sure all is well. Pricing starts at $5 but it will depend on the size of your geofence and how long the geofilter will be up and running.

Well of course it is annoying that Snapchat would ask you to pay for the On-Demand Geofilters. But the bigger market they’re targeting for this is probably not “ordinary” consumers but rather the brands that would like to have branded geofilters. But if you’re willing to part with $5 to digitally celebrate your event, why not? It’s your money after all.

SOURCE: Snapchat