Kindle products will now be in less brick-and-mortar stores starting today. In a move that would oust retail competitors like Amazon from their stores, Wal-mart has stopped selling all Amazon Kindle ereaders and tablets. No longer will you be able to try out Amazon’s offerings of slates at one of the largest retail stores in the US.

Even though Walmart will still sell an assortment of other ereaders and tablets, they’re getting rid of all Kindles. The biggest reason being that Amazon competes with other retail stores like Walmart on all sorts of merchandise, so Walmart’s choice to boot Amazon from its stores was purely competitive.

Holiday season is quickly approaching and the decision to stop selling Kindles could affect Walmart’s sales, but the company refused to disclose profit margins on the devices and how many it sells. Then again, it may not deter the store’s sales all that much, since they still sell thousands of other products.

Target also closed connections with Amazon earlier this year when the store decided to stop selling Amazon Kindles. However, Amazon shouldn’t be worried. This likely won’t affect their Kindle sales and its even possible they may open up a few of their own stores to sell their Kindle line and possibly some other products.

[via SlashGear]