Wallpaper Engine is a pretty popular animated wallpaper app for computers as it brings a lot of flexibility and options especially when it comes to creating your own. Finally, it is now making its way to Android devices with the latest update. It is actually a companion app for the main PC app but the good news is that it’s free. The Windows app actually costs $3.99 on Steam but now at least you can use it for free on your Android smartphone.

With the Wallpaper Engine companion app on Android, you will be able to transfer the Scene and Video type wallpapers that you use on your computer to your smartphone and you can do it wirelessly. You can also import your own files and turn it into wallpapers. These include videos, GIFs, images, and the Wallpaper Engine wallpapers themselves. Since these are animated, you will be able to create a playlist of sorts of your wallpapers and use the different playlist modes.

Animated wallpapers can sometimes be battery drainers but with this app, it will automatically pause when your phone goes into power-saving mode. There are also some frames per second and quality settings you can adjust to be able to maximize your device’s battery life. The app also has full support for dynamic wallpaper elements including dynamic audio visualizers and clocks. It also supports automatic theme colors based on the current wallpaper that you choose, including Android 12’s Material You.

For devices that have gyroscopes, the wallpapers will be able to move along to whatever motion your phone does. The Wallpaper Engine app comes with a small collection of pre-loaded wallpapers including “Dino Run,” “Neon Sunset,” “Techno,” “Deep Space”, etc. But one of the appeals of this app is that you can create your own animated wallpapers and with it comes a lot of effects and personalizations including a new Depth Parallax effect.

You can download Wallpaper Engine now for free on the Google Play Store. It is paired with the windows app so it may not be available for you if you don’t have it installed in your PC.


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