No, WakaWaka Base is not a gadget that plays Shakira’s 2010 World Cup theme over and over again. It is actually a portable solar power kit that aims to give, well, power when electricity runs out or when you’re in an area that doesn’t have one. The power kit can give you multiple charges on your smartphones or light supply for an entire week, whichever is more important for you at the moment.

If you live in an area that often has power interruptions due to storms or hurricanes or if you just go camping and other outdoorsy stuff often, then you are the target market for this device (also, if you have a ton of gadgets and are always afraid of running out of juice for them). Aside from the battery pack that will power your gadgets, it comes with two custom designed LED lights. One can connect to the battery pack while the other one can light up on its own with its own rechargeable battery.

Solar technology is slowly but surely coming into its own, and WakaWaka Base is an example of a practical and extremely useful application for it. Just place the panel in direct sunlight for one whole day (well, at least until there is sun) and it will be full and ready for use. It also has the capability of charging during winter and when it’s cloudy, but of course it will be a slower process. To ensure that you maximize the power capacity of the WakaWaka Base, there is also a custom power management system software that comes with it.

The WakaWaka Base comes in two models: the Base-10 is bigger and has 10,000 mAh capacity while the smaller Base-5 has 5,000 mAh. It still has 16 days to go in its Kickstarter campaign but they’ve already gone way beyond their target of $70,000. The devices are expected to ship by May next year.

SOURCE: Kickstarter