Today at 11AM Central time is the first Google keynote speech, and we’re currently waiting in line for the bigtime door opening. There’s about ten billion people standing in line here, but I assure you, we’ll have the big news first! That is to say, we’ll be the first to be analyzing while everyone else is running around screaming because Ice Cream Sandwich is the greatest thing since they created the original tasty treat. Stay tuned and get your fists ready for some heavy pumping and your eyeballs ready for some heavy reading of some bomb dropping!

This is the first of many keynotes and announcements and talks we’ll be having with and on Google’s biggest event of the year for developers (aka their biggest event of the year period.) We’re expecting some huge Android news, some huge news on Google Chrome both as a browser and as an OS, and some new devices to be revealed here and there MAYBE. We’ll see.

What in the world is that exercise bike doing up there on stage?

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