Some of the wearable tech that have been introduced to the market haven’t really connected with people, but you can bet that OEMs will not stop experimenting with them. One of the newest ones that has been announced and will be launched at next year’s CES is Vuzik’s Blade 3000 Smart Sunglasses which combines wearable tech and augmented reality. And if you like wearing sunglasses anyway, then this maybe something you can just incorporate into your every day tech life.

The creators of this wearable says that you will rarely take out your smartphone anymore once you’ve paired it with the sunglasses. And unlike the previous similar products like Google Glass or Microsoft’s HoloLens, the tech is already built in to something that you almost always use. Through its proprietary “waveguide optics” and the Cobra II display engine, you will be able to see data overlaid in the real world.

You can connect with either WiFi or Bluetooth so this means you can pair it with a smartphone or just use it on its own. If you choose the former, you will be able to receive notifications and do GPS mapping as well in the heads-up display. It also has an integrated HD camera, motion tracker for your head movements, and even a touch pad so you can do even more things on your sunglasses without your smartphone.

Vuzik did not reveal yet the price point for the Blade 3000, but that will surely be a factor into whether or not people will actually bite. We’ll most likely find out more during CES 2017, slated for January 5-8.

VIA: SlashGear